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Where can I purchase the license for this Add-On.

Please proceed to Order It Now page to complete the purchase.

Where does Market Replay store the datafiles on the local machine

Typical location is C:\Users\\Documents\Ninja Trader 7\db\data\local All folders in that location contains subfolders having similar names as original market replay data folders. All files are compressed to save space.

What is continuous contract?

Each future instrument has an expiration date and actively traded during a specific period. For example ES has an expiration on 3rd Friday of the contract month. However if somebody is planning to execute simulated trades going over the expiration day a trading strategy should “switch” to the next contract month. But in addition to the expiration day there is a rollover day which occurs on 2nd Thursday of the expiration month for ES future contract. This way a strategy should be configured to switch to the next expiration according to the contract specification or the actual good practice when traders start trading another expiration month. Just using ES as an example, ES 09-14 will be traded the last time on 09/11/2014, however an expiration of that contract is on 09/19/2014. To avoid using an actual contract, there is a special synthetic continuous contract that represents a current front month contract for the future instrument. In NinjaTrader it has a ##-## symbols instead of month and the year. When using a continuous contract a logic of the trading strategy will be simplified and it is not necessary to switch a contract while going over time. This is very important when executing trades over a long period of time using market replay. Our software will automatically prepare a continuous contract for you.

What instruments do you provide and what time frame is available for download

FX: 6A,6B,6C,6E,6J,6N,6S

Energy: CL,QM,NG

Metals: GC,HG,PL,SI



Interest rate: ZB,ZF,ZN

Agriculture: ZC,ZL,ZM,ZO,ZS,ZW

Forex: 27 pairs:


Market replay data is provided for 1 year back from the current day. For Free Version we provide 90 days of data.

Are you a data provider?

No. We only allow storing downloaded data on our servers for convenience. The data downloaded by MarketReplay downloader cannot be used for any purpose other than personal use with NinjaTrader platform. Sharing or redistribution of the data is not allowed and may result in permanent revocation of MarketReplay downloader license.

Is there a data download limit?

Technically no, however we may suspend a cloud option in the case of abuse or using this Add-On for other purposes that a personal use with NinjaTrader platform. Please read the License Agreement.

Does MarketReplay Add-On download the data from NinjaTrader servers?

Yes, if the data is not available either from the local cache or the cloud storage.

What is the typical download time from the cloud server?

Your download is likely to take about 1 minute if you are downloading L1 data for 4 instruments for 1 week period, your Internet connection speed is 20Mbits/s and no other applications are using this bandwidth.

Is free version available for this Add-On?

Free version may be available time to time. You will see a corresponding message on the Download page. If Free version is available it is possible to download and install the Add-On and use it according the terms posted on the Download page. You can use Free version only once, once disabled for any reason you may contact us to resolve the issue or purchase a Full License by visiting Order It Now page

I received a message saying 'Batch market replay' is disabled?

All functionality is disabled either because you don’t have a valid license or due to other reasons.

If you don’t have a license and this message appeared as the result of the expiration of your trial version please visit Order it Now! page to purchase the license for the Add-On.

Please contact us if you have other circumstances.

Do I need a full NinjaTrader license to use MarketReplay downloader?

At this time no, however we strongly encourage everybody to have a full license for this software.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions:


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