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TRADOTO.COM - Trading Automation Perfected
TRADOTO is a fully automated trading strategy that analyzes the market for buy and sell signals and submits orders to the exchange automatically without human interaction. Our software works exclusively with the Ninja Trader platform and can be either hosted locally on a personal computer or in the cloud on a virtual private server. We provide A to Z training, trading experience is therefore optional.

The best pattern matching software available on the market.
ZoneTraderPro identifies five different types of patterns, including topping patterns, trending patterns, reversal patterns and divergence patterns. ZoneTraderPro now offers an Auto Trade Strategy for the ES and Bond Trading Strategy trades. The ES and Bond strategy represent the most profitable historical patterns that ZoneTraderPro offers. The AutoTrader now comes with a Performance Guarantee. If the AutoTrader does not generate profits, you do not pay for it. » Essential NinjaTrader Tools from $9.8 focuses on developing trading utilities for NinjaTrader – the tools that are absolutely essential for your trading, testing, and platform using. insists on pursuing a super-low-price policy to make its excellent products affordable for every trader: just from $9.8 per tool, or the mere cost of 01 tick (this is a one-time payment without monthly subscription fees).
Products of are famous for their functionality, ease of use, and elegance. This explains why the products are highly appreciated and recommended by most of the purchasers. The best sellers of include Smart Ruler (chart measuring), Superfast Ordering (order placing), Active Market Monitor (price monitoring), Opening Print (opening-range trading), Smart Data Box (bar analyzing). Please check out the best sellers at

The System to Reach Your Goals and the Unlimited Training to Keep You There
Although Felton Trading provides one of the most versatile and accurate trading systems available, no trader can succeed for long armed with a robust system alone. Successful trading is a mental skill that must be developed through extensive training, powerful knowledge and plenty of practice. Traders who stop learning stop winning. At Felton Trading, we provide student training every trading day to keep you at the top of your game. To help keep you there, we also provide unlimited lifetime personal mentorship with the system developer and pro trader, Roger Felton. This vital service is provided anytime needed including evenings and weekends. Nobody else in this industry does that, especially at no additional charge, but it can make all the difference in the world.

The Edge To Make The Odds Forever In Your Favor
High Percent Trading provides start of the art, cutting edge indicators and Auto Bot Strategies which repeatedly produce highly profitable, low risk, and very accurate trade entries, exits and complete analysis, with Accuracy at times of 90%, including "High Energy Times" for most Futures and Forex Instruments

Making Trading easy. Indicators and a lot more for Traders.
TerritorioTrading is a website designed to discover, enjoy and spread out Trading as independent activity, including educational resources, indicators, analysis tools and information about NinjaTrader platform.

Where Innovation begins....and the rest follow.
... many of our clients and peers have said that we are, "one of the most innovative technical analysis and trading systems developers in the industry today". My Name is Randy M. Sarrow, and I am the Developer, Programmer, Professional Trader and Owner of Blue Wave Trading Research and Development ( and the creator of the BWT Precision Indicators and BWT Precision Auto Trade System. . .

BAR ANALYZER – See Inside the Price Bars
The BAR ANALYZER is a chart utility that enables traders to visualize the forces inside a price bar. Price and volume analysis has long been a proven system to trade the markets, and the BAR ANALYZER provides traders an elegant interface with which to visualize, interpret and react to current price and volume activity in the markets. Features of the BAR ANALZYER include:
  • Traders can visualize the forces at work inside a price bar
  • Intuitive interface provides situational awareness and price chart interaction
  • Definitive price levels for trade management and/or entries
  • Calculations derived directly from price, volume and market depth action
  • Seamless integration with chart trader order entry interfaces
  • Powerful intraday tool that can be used with other technical indicators

The Indicator Store
The Market Place of The Indicator Store where you can find the Best Indicators for NinjaTrader created by Real Traders

PowerZone Trading – Update Your Trading
PowerZone Trading develops innovative market software, provides custom programming & consulting services, and promotes learning through educational resources aimed at helping you update your trading. All PowerZone Trading products are developed and tested in a live market and based on years of market observation and trading experience. The PowerZone Trading product line includes:
  • BAR ANALYZER – Chart utility that enables traders to see the forces inside a price bar
  • High Performance Intraday Analysis Suite (HPIA) – A powerful collection of trading tools for day traders
  • Intraday Multi-view Suite (IMV) – Advanced multiple-interval trend analysis
  • PZT Adaptive Moving Average – Low-lag adaptive average with trading bands
  • PZT AutoTrend – Automatically draws ultra-intuitive trendlines
  • PZT Power Pivots – Pivot points for e-minis and forex using specific trading sessions
  • PZT Proof – Powerful adaptive oscillator
  • PZT Thermometer – Quick reference indicator for measuring intraday trend
  • VSTOPS – Adaptive volatility indicator and PaintBar study

YTC Price Action Trader
Lance Beggs provides quality trading education at with a focus on short timeframe discretionary price action analysis.

Taking you way beyond the usual "setups" that most educators try to pass off as price action analysis, Lance will take you to a deeper level of understanding as you learn to examine price from several new perspectives:
  • Analysis of the internal strength and weakness within price movement.
  • Analysis of trader decisions and the way that they drive orderflow.
  • Analysis of market traps and how they allow us to profit from the losses of the trapped traders.
Main website: