Free Version Tips and Tricks

How to take the most out of the Free Version.

Free Version has a limited download privilege. Even though  it is limited, it is enough to download a lot of data. Free version has a Cloud option enabled and the download process will go very fast.

Tip 1. Plan ahead due to limited monthly Market Replay download.

Plan to download a reasonable amount of data for Market Replay. Due to a limited bandwidth,you may not be able to download an entire year of replay data that we have on our servers. In most of the cases you will be able to keep about 1 month of data for the following instruments:

Group 1. If you trade indices – use ES, NQ, YM.

Group 2. If you trade energy and metals – use GC, SI, CL.

Group 3. If you trade agriculture products – use ZS, ZC.

Group 4. If you trade currency futures – use 6A,6E,6J.

Tip 2. What to expect having a Free Version.

If you’re planning to download month and month of data You need to purchase a PRO Version of the software by visiting this page Order It Now.

Free Version is designed for people occasionally downloading some data for personal training. Limited bandwidth is enough to serve this purpose. Bandwidth means a limit per month. When you receive a confirmation for your Free Version registration we provide a page with all those limitations. You can read about them here.

Some download options are disabled and available only for PRO version such as:

  • Ability to download using a continuous syntax. I.e. for Default mode it is possible to select CL ##-## and download a corresponding active contract.
  • Download active contract. This allows to use a continuous format such as CL ##-## and get an active contract for a specified date.
  • Download a contract in continuous form. In this case you can use CL ##-## on all your charts and not worry about rollovers and what should be a correct contract for the specified period
  • Cloud only option. This will allow to skip downloading a current day from NinjaTrader servers if a date range includes a current session and you are looking to retrieve data for active instruments only.
  • Modeless operation. This allows to continue using all other features in NinjaTrader while downloading a data
  • Market replay data for major stocks. (Visit Q&A section for more details).

The download speed is the same for Free Version. In this regard it is the same as PRO. However use it according with our recommendations.

Tip 3. L2 data is not available for Free Version.

To drive your charts and SuperDOM quotes L2 data is not necessary.

Read this NinjaTrader Help Guide related to market replay functionality. This Help Guide contains very nice video tutorial.

However, if your strategy and/or indicator requires L2 data, you may need to purchase a Full Version to be able to download this type of data.

Tip 4. Free Version doesn’t support a download of a correct contract in continuous format ##-##.

This feature is available for PRO Version only. Please read to see what it does.

For example you need to download the data for the instrument before the rollover and a consequent contract as well. To be able to do that add CL ##-## to the list of instruments. Start a market replay Add-On as usual, select that list and pick CL ##-##. After a download you will get a corresponding contract (if either default or active option was selected) or continuous contract (if download as continuous contract was selected).

Tip 5. Free Version doesn’t support a continuous contract ##-##.

Full version allows to download any instrument in continuous format. For example if you download ES ##-## from January,1st to July 15th you don’t need to worry about which expiration you need to download for any particular day, in fact you will get a series of contracts with expiration cycles such as: ES 03-13, ES 06-13, ES 09-13. After the downloading you can use ES ##-## on your charts and strategies for market replay.

Tip 6. What to do when your Free Version expires.

You can Purchase a Full Version by visiting Order It Now page.

At the end of the period you will receive a confirmation email to renew your Free version. You must click the confirmation link in the body of the email to re-activate your Free Version. If you don’t receive confirmation email, please check your `Spam` or `Junk` folders. If you still can’t locate the email, please contact us.

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