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Download Market Replay Data in One Click with Our NinjaTrader® 7 Add-On

We provide complete and valid market replay data from our Cloud based servers to meet the demands of the serious active traders using NinjaTrader 7 trading platform. The market replay data (market playback data) is available for fast and enhanced download for most popular Futures instruments for up to one year back time period.

Our integrated Add-On solution for NinjaTrader’s platform uses a standard installation and technique similar to other 3rd party indicators and strategies. We provide 24/7 customer support and maintenance.

We are the only on the market who provides a continuous contract data for all major Futures instruments.


  • Download data for multiple days
  • Download multiple instruments
  • Continuous contract support
  • Seamlessly switch between normal/continuous contract ##-##
  • Local data cache in compressed format
  • Cloud data cache – high speed download
  • Automatic version check and updates download
  • Replay data for Futures
  • Replay data for major stocks (discontinued)

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Market replay downloader allows to select multiple instruments and multiple dates at once.
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Accessing market replay downloader directly from NinjaTrader menu.
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Purchase the Full Version

Proceed to the “Order it Now” page.

Free Version

You can download and install Free version from here

About Forex data

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Forex data is not available starting 5/12/2018. We don’t know whether this data will be available in the future.

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Server maintenance announcement.

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Our servers including email support are not available due to a major undergoing maintenance. Downloading of replay data is not affected and is available without interruptions.

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Regarding downloading of some CME futures like 6A, 6B….

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NinjaTrader rollover information is incorrect for futures 6A,6B and similar. For contract 06-17, 09-17 and 12-17 a rollover year is 2016. That causes our Add-On to pick up improper contract when downloading a continuous contract. We’re working to use proper contract rollovers provided externally from our servers. In the meantime it is possible to fix that by visiting Instrument Manager: In NinjaTrader Control Center select menu item Tools -> Instrument Manager. Select instrument to edit, for example 6A. Click on “Edit”...

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Why my prices are different? Why a chart is choppy?

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The primary reason – a wrong contract has been downloaded. You need to download an active contract. This is not the easiest task because most of the futures have different expiration cycle, different rollover dates. You may solve that by yourself visiting a corresponding exchange. For example to make sure you’re downloading an active contract for ES visit CME website and check a contract specification. Ok, now you know how to determine an active contract for ES. You need to keep this iteration for all other futures. However a PRO...

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